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The Sober Network, founded by Dr. Harold Jonas, is the force behind Sober Coaches. Dr. Jonas and the company has been and continues to be dedicated to helping people in recovery since beginning his own journey in 1987. Recognizing his calling early in the process, Dr. Jonas has worked at different agency settings in a variety of positions, starting private practice since 1993. In 2000, his first Internet project, Sober.Com went LIVE and has grown into a prosperous and profitable business. During that time, Dr. Jonas achieved his Doctorate in Addictions Studies focusing on Continuing Care and disease management. Out of this study came “Sobersystems” and the recognition that passionate, committed and caring supports were critical and enormously beneficial to a person’s recovery. These supports were friends, family and peers. Research was being conducted also recognizing the benefit of peer support and from this Sober Coaching evolved. When we began treating addiction as the long term chronic disease that it is, the idea of staying connected became paramount. The Sobersystems was conceptualized and integrated into Sober.Com in 2004. It has been refined into today’s version found at where you can also find links to download it on Android or iOS devices.

naadacproviderlogo2, LLC, is the parent company of This is our gateway to a new way of living. We are licensed by The Florida Department of Children and Families for aftercare, and we specialize in serving individuals who seek the greatest joys and happiness in life.

The company envisions Sobersystems being one of the critical tools Sober Coaches can utilize to better assist their clients stay on the path to recovery. Dr. Jonas is available for counseling and consultation and is easy to reach via email at or by phone at 561-243-0407.


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